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Treasures Casino : Majorda Beach Resort


The treasures casino, Goa is located at Majorda beach Resort Goa. The timing for this casino is 12 pm to 1 am. Throughout the day Casinos in Goa, Treasure Casino at Majorda Beach Resort Goathere are people wanting to try their luck here.

The slot machines at Treasure Casino at Majorda Beach Resort Goa are arranged so as to make it convenient for the people to play the casino games. The types of room available at Majorda Beach Resort Goa are the 100 single rooms and the 20 suites.

The specialty of the treasures casino at Majorda Beach Beach Resort Goa is that the location is beautiful. The Majorda Beach Resort too is extremely beautiful. Hence to have fun, play games or gamble the Treasure Casino is the best.

One can even spend time on the beach as well as gamble in the casinos when one wants to. Gambling isn’t an advisable thing, but if its just having a time off, then at the Treasure Casino at Majorda Beach Resort Goa you are bound to find some amazing games that’s can be of some help.

The roulette, black jack and poker are the commonly played games at Treasure Casino at Majorda Beach Resort Goa. If one wants to have fun with his family and at the same time wants to try his luck then the casino is the ideal place for him.

Dress: Smart Casuals. No Slippers, Shorts and Sleeveless T-Shirts.
Types of Games: Jackpot Slots/Video Machines, One Arm Bandit; Live table games: Roulette

Casino Black Jack : Your goal as a blackjack player is to end up with a hand total that is closer to 21 than the dealers hand - without going over 21. If you go over 21 you lose the hand (In blackjack terms you have BUSTED your hand if you go above 21.)

Blackjack is a game where your hand only plays against the dealers hand - so whatever the other players at the table have is not really of importance (unless you are counting the cards that is).

After you have been dealt your first cards, you can choose to HIT and thereby get yet another card dealt to your hand, or to choose STAND and simply keep the cards that you already have - hoping the hand will be strong enough to beat the dealers hand.

After all the players have played their blackjack hands, the dealer players his hand out. The dealer always plays his hand according to fixed rules - no decision is left up to the dealer. The dealer must always follow the same dictated rules for how to play his hand. This would normally mean that the dealer must draw cards until his hand has a value of 17 - On most blackjack tables it says "Dealer Must Stand On All 17's" - as soon as he get to that total or above he cannot take any more cards.

Casino Baccarat :
Baccarat is a game between a BANKER and a PLAYER. However in the casino you will see many players around the same baccarat table. This is because the baccarat players take turns acting as the Banker and Player, according to rules that may vary from casino to casino. Even if a player is not currently acting as the banker or player, they are still allowed to make bets on the currently active bank or player hands.

A game of baccarat starts out with the Bank and the Player being dealt two cards each by the casinos dealer, one card at a time. If one or both the hands has a total score of 8 or 9 - called a Natural - the cards are turned and the game is finished. If both hands have 9 or 8, it's a draw. If neither the Bank or the player has a Natural, the dealer will instruct the players on what to do according to certain predetermined rules. Because the rules are fixed and enforced by the dealer, it's possible to play baccarat without even knowing the exact rules of the game.

The player must always stand on 6 and 7 - and must draw another card if he has 1 to 5.

Casino Roulette : At the casino the roulette table is managed by one or more people - the number of people depends on in what country you are playing roulette. The number of roulette spins per hour also varies from country to country. You can expect about 30 spins an hour if you are playing in Europe - and up to about 100 spins per hour if you are playing in the US.

There are also other small differences - the number of players around the table can vary a great deal from casino to casino. Some roulette tables have seats - at other tables you will be standing while paying roulette and using your elbows to defend your small spot around the table. Also, the number of tables may be different from casino to casino. The American roulette table normally have one table - the European roulette sometimes have two tables with the roulette table in the middle of the tables.

The person handling the roulette on behalf of the casino is called the croupier. He spins the roulette wheel in one direction then immediately shoots the roulette ball - made of plastic or ivory - in the other direction along the edge of the roulette wheel. The ball eventually loses its speed and comes to a rest in the bottom of the wheel, where there are boxes with the separate numbers. When the ball has circled the wheel twice the croupier announces: Rien ne va plus - or - No more bets please - if it's an American roulette wheel, indicating that no more bets may be placed until the next spin/round begins.

The roulette ball comes to a rest in one of the boxes at the bottom of the roulette and the croupier announces the winning number and the color - red, black or no color (if the winning number is zero or double zero - those two numbers are green).

Finally, the bets that did not win are collected by the croupier - and the winners are paid. Then a new game is ready to begin, and the players start placing their bets once again.

Other facilities

  • Travel Desk
  • Money Changer
  • Laundry facilities
  • Safe deposit box
  • Business centre
  • Meeting rooms
  • Conference facilities
  • Health Club & Gym
  • Ayurvedic Massage
  • Shopping Arcade
  • Night Club
  • Casino ( Treasures )
  • Beauty Salon
  • Baby sitting services
  • Both Indoor & Outdoor Pool
  • Separate child pool
  • Indoor recreational facilities ( Billiards, Carom , Table Tennis, Chess & other Board Games )
  • Outdoor recreational facilities ( Tennis & Beach Volley Ball )
  • Water sports ( Seasonal )

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