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Hotel Bhakti Kutir, Goa

About Us

Welcome to Bhakti Kutir !!

Sanskrit for a home for devotional meditation - is the organic manifestation of a dream rather than the end result of a preconceived plan.

Located 200 m above Palolem beach - arguably Goa’s finest and safest beach - on the terraces of a coconut grove it gives holistic travelers a feeling for the rhythms and flavours of Goan village life and provides simple earth friendly global luxuries such as : genuine ayurvedic massages; top quality yoga classes; organic food (including home made pasta, tofu and wheat grass juice) ; nature trips and anything else which is thrown up in the course of an evening’s conversation with the retreat’s founders a Goan-German couple.


22 back to nature cabanas, no two alike, fashioned from local materials like rice straw, bamboo and mud. An eco friendly compost toilet accompanies each cabana. Built to include trees, leaves and the star spangled skies the living areas combine a rural feel with a surprising degree of comfort for an alternative resort.

How to Use the Resource

Bhakti Kutir allows guests to make their own choices in a completely informal non-commercial community environment. It is not a puritanical ashram. Its mainly vegetarian restaurant also serves fresh sea food, wine and tribal liquors. Guests can effortlessly participate in the night life on Palolem beach and yet retire to a world of complete quiet, security and privacy when they so desire. It offers a wide, even if somewhat unpredictable, range of healing programmes and guests themselves can conduct workshops for other visitors at the drop of a hat if they have the skills and inclination. The Kutir offers a very spontaneous social space and its restaurant is an excellent zone to meet interesting creative and holistic professionals from different parts of the globe. From time to time cultural programmes animate its amphitheatre. For parents its child friendly nature is a big bonus. Kids can attend an informal school or just make themselves at home. Baby sitters are available. Short trips to wild life reserves ; heritage towns and homes; spice gardens; little known islands, mountain lodges and holistic healing centers are all easily undertaken from Bhakti Kutir. Even a short stay may help connect visitors with a network of holistic resorts in the region.


YOGA classes by Swami Yoga nand Saraswati

This year Bhakti Kutir offers daily yoga classes by a yogi who hails from the source of the holy Ganges. Swami Yogananda Saraswati who has been practicing yoga almost since his toddler years guides both beginners and advanced practioners through: yogic kriyas and cleansing; traditional yogasanas; traditional pranayama and meditation. For those not familiar with yoga terminology this implies a holistic education in all aspects of yoga including correct breathing which is an essential pre-requisite for meditation. For those with an interest in specific yoga styles the Swami specializes in traditional ashtanga and patnajali traditions amongst others.

A Journey to Nirvana

3day/6day Intensive Meditation camp

Meditation means going beyond the mind, going beyond thought process, entering into silence, utter silence where nothing moves, where nothing disturbs, where everything is absent --- only a pure emptiness remains; this space is meditation.

In this camp you will be introduced to an ancient secret meditation technique that is easy to adopt into your daily life and which if you persist in applying it consistently, will open the door to Samadhi for you. The ultimate solution of life, where self merges into existential being.



Bhakti kutir : (eating)

Serves tasty western dishes, home green organic produce and fresh juices in a very pleasant relaxed setting away from the beach and loud sound system, one of the best in Palolem.



Bhakti kutir is located in Palolem in the south of goa. The distance from the airport is 60 kms, which will take you 1˝ hours.

The easiest thing to do is to have us pick you up or to hire a taxi at the airport Buses are also a good option.

The train station is just 32kms away at Margoa and 3kms away is Chaudi where the slower trains stop.


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