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Land Sports

Microlite-flying is akin to hand gliding. A motorized vehicle, it has a wingspan of 40ft, and can accommodate two to three people. It's a great way to see the view below.

For many tourists, visiting Goa is associated with rock-climbing, rappelling, river-crossing and jummaring.
Rock-climbing is a tough and challenging sport. However, modern techniques and equipment have made the sport easier and safer. Rappelling means climbing down the rocks with a descender and a rope harness. In jummaring, one climbs slopes aided by a rope and a metal clamp.

Where to trek and hike: Sahyadri Hills (Western Ghats) are perfect for trekking. Devil's Canyon, Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Tambdi Surla Temple are ideal places to hike in Mollem. In Volpoi, Krishnapur Canyon and Vagiri Hill are popular places to hike.
Chandrasurya Temple in Netravali (Sanguem) is a good place to trek. The Collem - Castle Rock- i Kuveshi trek is a favourite among trekkers. The trail starts from Dudhsagar Falls, moves up Castle Rock, and goes up to the top of the Kuveshi Falls.

Season: All the year round, with October to December being the best time.

Operators: You can contact Goa Hiking Association (GHA) and Youth Hostel Association of India (YHAI), based at Panaji, if you are interested in trekking and hiking. There are also hotels that arrange trekking tours through private operators.

Every year in October, the Goa Hiking Association organizes a major trekking programme. The destination changes every year. Some of the main activities of the event are river-crossing, jummaring, map-reading and route finding. Supervising the activities are qualified instructors. Incidentally, the Goa Hiking Association discovered Tudov waterfall that is bigger than Dudhsagar waterfall.

The annual nine-day National Goa Trekking Expedition, organized by the YHAI, attracts more than thousand people. Every day a group of about fifty people sets out. The trek starts from Panaji, proceeds to Dona Paula and then to Benaulim via the Mormugao Harbour, and Mollem via Caranzol, Kuveshi and Castle Rock.

During the trek, the beauty of Goa's landscape is revealed to visitors. Besides the annual event, YHAI also organizes one-day hikes.

The right age: The minimum age limit is 10 years. Those who are under 15 should produce a disclaimer, declaring that their parents do not have any objection to their taking part in sports like rock-climbing, rappelling, jummaring and river-crossing.

• You should have a safety and survival kit.
• During summers, you should carry enough fluids.
• You should not try new paths by yourself. It's safer to follow the tried and tested path.
• This is a team sport and good teamwork is r essential.
• Trekking and hiking are physically demanding sports, so a certain amount of physical endurance is-essential. If you have any illness or physical problem, you should inform the operator in advance.
• You should strictly adhere to instructions given by the operator.

Go-karting demands focus and a love for speed. Among the best places to enjoy it are Arpora, north of Baga-Calangute in north Goa, and Nuvem, at Margao in South Goa-Nuvem track is 482m long and considered the best in the country. Annuall, the JK Tyre National Karting Championship is held at the Nuvem track between October and December. It is an enjoyable ride and the average speed is over 70km/h. Arpora track, at 320m, is comparatively small. There are two car rallies held in Goa -- the MIA Indian National Rally Championship, also known as the WIAA Rally de Goa, and the Mahindra Great Escape. The MIA Indian National Rally Championship is held in October after monsoon. The Mahindra Great Escape is held in the first week of August.

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